Prescribing movement!: Moving and work

Bodies are designed to move in many different ways within there functional limitations. Sometimes we might exceed these limitations and cause an injury which can be painful and lead to inactivity. However quite frequently we experience pain because we are not moving enough or doing to much of the same thing.

Movement is a key component to our well being, but it needs to be varied. It doesn’t have to be vigorous movement, it can be slow and relaxing. Many of us sit at a desk, or drive a lot and both these activities don’t encourage a great deal of movement and what does move is quite repetitive. This often causes tension in the neck, shoulders, back and hip flexors resulting in discomfort. A massage would go a long way to relieving this but moving would reduce its occurrence.

Ways to move more at work

  • Alternate standing and sitting through your work day.
  • Sometimes use a stability ball as a chair.
  • Take a walk around your office when ever possible (between meetings).
  • Go for a run, walk or do some yoga in your lunch break.
  • Don’t sit at your desk for lunch.
  • Change your back posture regularly. We are all told to sit with a straight back but doing this for long periods of time can still be uncomfortable so it is okay to slump, as long as you don’t do that for long periods of time either. So the gist is vary your posture.
  • Stretch up to the ceiling with your arms, while doing this reach backwards, then to either side. Relax the arms down and rotate to look behind you on both sides. These movement will allow your back to stretch. Breath deeply into your abdomen while you do it and it will help energise and relax you.
  • If you are working from home and have a laptop try moving to another room, chair or sofa. These are all changes in position that will help your body.

If you can start moving at work more then your body will appreciate it. It will also burn more calories as well. Movement is good for you in so many ways. Our bodies don’t like being in the same position all the time so get out and get moving.

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