About Pollyanna

I have been involved in sport from a young age.  Soon developing a passion for riding horses and playing hockey, I still do, to this day.  I have also had a foray into ice hockey, Goju Ryu karate, mountain biking and road cycling.

I first ventured into coaching hockey and loved doing this. As a result I completed a Bsc in Sport Coaching with Sport Science and went on to complete a Msc in Sport Coaching. I specialised in coach athlete relationships and their sociocultural impacts on each other. During this time I also completed various coaching qualifications in cycling and completed workshops in Strength and Conditioning. I soon realised that athletes need to do more than just participate in their sport to perform at their best and be injury free. This directed me towards qualifying as a personal trainer. Also during this time one of my cyclists was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. During this time I saw how massage therapy helped her with the pain and oedema she experienced. This prompted me to also qualify as a sport and remedial massage therapist.

Once I qualified as a massage therapist I decided I wanted to be able to do more for individuals and athletes. As a result I completed an Msc in Sports Therapy which allows me to diagnose and treat injuries. This is such a rewarding area to be in and I enjoy working with all levels of athlete. The feeling of being able to help people be pain free and allow them to enjoy life to their fullest is very rewarding and keeps me very motivated to continue my development

During my ongoing training I have gained experience with Oxford University Women’s Lightweight Rowing Crew, Oxford University Women’s Ice Hockey Club, Wycombe Wanders, The Injured Jockey Fund (Oaksey House), Stoke Manderville’s spinal unit, and Torq Cycling Team. I currently work with Oxford Hawks Hockey Club and Maddy Frewin Dressage treating both horses and rider. I also work with a range of individuals from top athletes to those that have injured themselves through work or leisure.

What people are saying

Polly is fantastic. She’s knowledgeable and experienced. I always feel much better after her treatment

Bex Oakes

Polly is a fantastic sports masseuse and trainer. She has sorted many injuries over the years. Friendly and approachable I would recommend Polly to anyone

Rachel Grenville-Hunt

I need a knee replacement! Pollyanna has been taping my knee for games with Rocktape. Pollyanna’s ability to apply the tape and give me management advice has been great and she supplies some awesome colour options

Jacqui Barlow

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