Pollyanna FitzGerald

I have been involved in sport from a young age.  Soon developing a passion for riding horses and playing hockey, I still do, to this day.  I have also had a foray into ice hockey, Goju Ryu karate, mountain biking and road cycling.

I first ventured into coaching hockey and loved doing this as a result I completed a Bsc in Sport Coaching with Sport Science and went on to complete a Msc in Sport Coaching.  I specialised in coach athlete relationships and their sociocultural impacts on each other.  During this time I also completed various coaching qualifications in cycling and completed workshops in Strength and Conditioning.  I soon realised that athletes need to do more than just participate in their sport to perform at there best and be injury free.  This directed me towards qualifying as a personal trainer, also during this time one of my cyclists was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  During this time I saw how massage therapy helped her with the pain and oedema she experienced.  This prompted me to also qualify as a sport and remedial massage therapist.

Once I qualified as a massage therapist I decided I wanted to be able to do more for individuals and athletes.  As a result I completed an Msc in Sports Therapy which allows me to diagnose and treat injuries.  This is such a rewarding area to be in and I enjoy working with all levels of athlete.  The feeling of being able to help people be pain free and allow them to enjoy life to their fullest is very rewarding and keeps me very motivated to continue my development

Over the last 3 years I have owned my horse Travis.  Travis means the world to me, which many horse owners will understand.  As a result I want the best for him.  Travis came from a riding school and had a sore back when I first got him.  Through bodywork and chiropractic treatment Travis was a much happier fellow.  Three years on and he is looking and performing very well indeed.  As a result I decided to venture down the road of equine bodywork.  I already work with humans and the influence of horse on rider and vice versa is quite great.  As a result they do need to be treated together so that they progress together.  Working with horses is very rewarding and I am looking forward to my continued development to Master level of the Equinology Equine Body Worker course.