Taping a Sprained ankle for sport

Video on taping a sprained ankle for sport using stirrups and ankle lock

Equine Acupressure: To the point of it!

Chines acupressure and how it might help your horse as part of a bodywork/massage session

Feet the foundation of movement: Part three keeping your feet happy

Video on exercises to help keep your feet supple and strong

Horse Pilates: Encouraging core engagement through movement

What is Horse Pilates? A little insight into what horse Pilates

Stress Fractures

How are stress fractures are formed, who is at risk and how to reduce the risk of them developing

Feet the foundation of movement: Part two Injuries

Part 2 on feet and the injuries that could be sustained to them

Case Study Part Two: Road to Recovery

The last part of Willows treatment and recovery from her lameness

Feet the foundation of movement: Part one anatomy and function

First part of a series on feet looking at the anatomy and function of these complex apparatus

Case Study Part One: Complex Lameness

Willow the complex case of lameness This case follows the assessment and treatment of a 19 year old horse, Willow. It shows the complexity of a case that has multiple factors interacting together and that by viewing the horse as…

Case Study: The unexpected project of Richie

At the end of last year an unexpected addition joined the herd in the form of Richie. Richie is an 8 year old Irish Sport Horse with some Belgium warmblood. He is 16.3hh with lovely big round hooves, wide chest…

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