Core Myths

Misconception on what muscles are core muscles There is a misconception that the abdominals (the ones that look like a 6 pack) are core muscles but this is not the case. The deep core muscles which can often be overlooked…

Part one: Core Muscles of the Horse

Short discussion about the muscles that make up a horses core, location and function.

The Importance of Sporting Footwear: Are you wearing the right fitting shoes?

A small article about footwear for sports why it is important it fits and how to get the right fit

Happy Hamstrings

A blog on potential causes of hamstring issues and video of exercises that might help

Musculoskeletal pain: Potential causes in horses

Small blog about possible cause of musculoskeletal pain in horses

K-taping your knee for patella maltracking

A short blog about how to tape your knee if you have patella maltracking or knee pain

Stress fractures and the female triad

A brief discussion about why female athletes may suffer from stress fractures. The female triad talks about the interaction of diet, menstrual cycle and bone density on female athletes health and wellbeing

Equine Acupressure: To the point of it!

Chines acupressure and how it might help your horse as part of a bodywork/massage session

Feet the foundation of movement: Part three keeping your feet happy

Video on exercises to help keep your feet supple and strong

Stress Fractures

How are stress fractures are formed, who is at risk and how to reduce the risk of them developing

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