Equine Body Work

Eqine body work is a style of sports massage for horses to help increase a horses well being and musculoskeletal function.  Body work can help a broad spectrum of horses from happy hackers to top level competition horses.

Massage involves manipulation of soft tissue to help correct problems and imbalances a horse maybe experiencing due to repetitive or strenuous activities and trauma.  

Body Work can help with

  • General maintenance
  • Performance
  • Decrease injury occurrence, particularly overuse injuries
  • Aid recovery from injury and strenuous activities
  • Promote well being and relaxation
  • Help manage musculoskeletal conditions (with vet guidance)
  • Increasing joint mobility
  • Promoting soft tissue function (including muscle, fascia, tendons, ligaments)

What to Expect from a Body Work Session

On an initial session expect it to last 1.5-2 hrs in duration.  This will include a static and dynamic assessment of your horse.  As an owner you may be asked to walk and trot your horse in hand or on a lunge line.  Sometimes a ridden assessment may also occur depending on individual cases.

Once a full static and dynamic assessment has been conducted this will allow a more informed body work session to occur where key problem areas will be addressed.

Follow up and maintenance sessions should last about 1hr and will include a brief static and dynamic assessment unless there are any drastic changes to the horses health and way of going.

All body work sessions need to have permission from your vet for me to be able to work on your horse