Horse & Rider

Horse & Rider: As
One Entity

Lightspeed Sports Recovery can work on the rider and horse separately with the idea of creating a deeper partnership that works better as a whole.

This can be through a number of modalities such as working on imbalances in the rider or horse, and correcting these through exercises and soft tissue work. Lightspeed Sports Recovery understands the interaction of horse and rider and that even minor imbalances can affect both parties in the partnership. It is always advisable when one member of the partnership undergoes treatment so should the other. This guarantees that the treatment outcomes are more effective and highlights any recurring issues that maybe influencing each other.

Lightspeed Sports Recovery can help both horse and rider through soft tissue work and corrective exercises.

Lightspeed Sports Recovery also offers EquiPilates™️ which is a wonderful way for the rider to work on imbalances, core strength and understanding their body and how they can influence their horse. Lightspeed Sports Recovery and offer sessions with riders on or off your horse to create a deeper awareness of your own body, and how best to use it to get the most out of your riding.