Pilates is a series of low impact exercises that aims to strengthen your core muscles to help improve posture and flexibility. While targeting your core muscles it does also work other muscle groups to help develop efficient movement patterns. This helps increase strength, body awareness and flexibility.

Pilates should be part of a fitness or rehabilitation plan as it develops a strong foundation for future training. This means elite athletes can benefit as well as individuals that suffer from lower back pain from everyday living. Pilates is a series of slow, precise movements that develop control and understanding of how your body feels and works. It is a full body exercise and develops efficiency of movement, mobility, posture, strength and flexibility.

Pollyanna is an APPI accredited matwork Pilates instructor and an advanced Equipilates biomechanics coach. She currently runs a class at the Wellness Hub in Milton village near Abingdon, and sees clients on a 1 to 1 basis. Pollyanna works with a wide range of age groups and abilities. This includes athletes, those recovering from injury and people who want to lead a more functional and full life by strengthening their core.

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