Prescribing movement!: Moving and work

Short article on increasing movement when working

Ways to get through lockdown 3

A few ways to get through lockdown 3 with some positive thinking and structure

4 Things you can do to help your muscles during lockdown 3

4 things that might help reduce any muscle soreness and tension from lockdown 3

Injuries: Overuse

A small blog about what overuse injuries are and ways to reduce there risk

Stress fractures and the female triad

A brief discussion about why female athletes may suffer from stress fractures. The female triad talks about the interaction of diet, menstrual cycle and bone density on female athletes health and wellbeing

Stress Fractures

How are stress fractures are formed, who is at risk and how to reduce the risk of them developing

Feet the foundation of movement: Part two Injuries

Part 2 on feet and the injuries that could be sustained to them

Feet the foundation of movement: Part one anatomy and function

First part of a series on feet looking at the anatomy and function of these complex apparatus

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