Essential Kit Bag: Spikey Balls!

Spikey balls are an essential item for your kit bag to help reduce muscle tension

Changes Ahead!

Some news on the future development of Lightspeed Sports Recovery and the equine side of work.

Happy Hamstrings

A blog on potential causes of hamstring issues and video of exercises that might help

K-taping your knee for patella maltracking

A short blog about how to tape your knee if you have patella maltracking or knee pain

Injuries: Overuse

A small blog about what overuse injuries are and ways to reduce there risk

Feet the foundation of movement: Part two Injuries

Part 2 on feet and the injuries that could be sustained to them

Feet the foundation of movement: Part one anatomy and function

First part of a series on feet looking at the anatomy and function of these complex apparatus

Balanced Rider

When we ride our trusty stead, we try and develop balance, straightness and suppleness in our horse so that they can carry us more effectively and efficiently. However, how often as a rider do you develop your own balance, straightness…

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